Sunday, 25 July 2010

Puffinus puffinus

Next week we go on holiday to Norfolk, I may get a bit of sea watching in, so I was interested to see possible sightings of Wilson's Petrel.

I decided to look up Wilson's on the net and came across Avibirds European Guide. I was begining to be interested until I clicked on comparisons with other similar birds and looked at their entry for Manx Shearwater. They have a short video supposedly of a Manx. I showed it to my better half and invited her to I.D. and my son, who is not a birdwatcher, looked up briefly from his laptop and said "Puffin". Son Greg 10/10 Avibirds 0/10.

Reflecting on my last blog entry, I hope no one thinks I am advocating cheating on surveys. If enough people participate regularly in such as the RSPB's regular events they are a valuable trend monitor. If I look back at my modest involvement in the production of the 1970's breeding bird atlas, it was probably the most enjoyable and informative involvement that I have ever had in birding.

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