Friday, 26 November 2010

Well trained

My car is still broken and today it was MOT day for my better half's car, so it was on the train to Seaham again.

This time the train was fifteen minutes late in to Cramlington, so I missed my connection and spent an hour on Newcastle station with only Feral Pigeons to watch (I didn't bother).

In spite of the cold and the late train, Crammy station came up trumps again, as a single Brambling landed briefly on a tall tree near the platform, gave one call and flew south. Other than that, a few Blue Tit calls from the former hotel site (what are they going to build there?), a few Crows and a Common Gull were all that was on offer.

En route, there is a large field near Seaham that, last week, had one small clump of Partridges. I couldn't see any pattern but they looked right for Grey. Today there were 24 in total in three groups and, again I could see no detail, but I have seen a lot of Partridges in my time and I am confident that they were Grey.

It looks as though this weekend's birding will be an occasional look out of the kitchen window at the feeders. Come on you Siskins!

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