Saturday, 18 February 2017

Out for a lark

I finally managed to make time to see the Shore Larks at East Chevington today. Seed has been distributed near to the dunes and the Twites enjoyed the feast.

One day I will have my new(ish) lens and a sunny day with interesting birds. Today it was overcast, so it was ISO 1000 and 1200. I took a large number of poor record shots and a few of these are below.

There were the usual 7 Shore Larks. They were rather twitchy because of the number of dog walkers, but they came quite close twice in the hour that I watched.

Trying to count a Twite flock is a considerable challenge. You start at one end and half way through the ones you have counted fly to the end of those yet to be counted. I got to 103 today.

The Sanderlings, 23 in all, were mostly busy on the tideline, but occasionally joined the Twites.

A couple of Skylarks joined the throng and one had a brief song flight. 

Along the track several Robins and one Blackbird were singing.

There was not at lot out to sea; I saw one Red Throated Diver.

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